About us

We are a small family business who create beautiful hand-crafted nightlights to help children sleep.

Our three year old daughter Eliza had difficulty settling into sleep. After looking at many options I wanted a nightlight that helped create a comforting bedtime routine, comforted her if she woke in the night, and looked beautiful. In 2014, the first Little Belle fairy house nightlight was born!

We are been passionate about helping others with our range of nightlights.

Made with our littlest customers in mind.

Our mains powered nightlights are safety certified for childrens bedrooms. Using a 12v safety adapter and low wattage LED bulb that does not heat, Little Belle nightlights can safely be left on all night.  

All our nightlights money boxes are glazed with food grade, non toxic glazes.

Sourced from the earth

Made from porcelain, our nightlights and money boxes are sustainably sourced from the earth. We are proud to work with a small team of ethical artisans who use generations of skill to create our beautiful collections.

The hand-crafted nature allows each to have their own  bespoke characteristics.