About Us

Designed in New Zealand

Little Belle nightlights were created to help set sleep routines and encourage positive sleep habits.

Made from Porcelain, our lamps are sustainably sourced from the earth and we are proud to work with ethical artisans who use generations of craftsmanship to create our beautiful lights. The handcrafted nature gives each lamp its own bespoke characteristic.


 Our lights are made with our littlest customers in mind. Our custom made bulbs are safety tested to be exempt from photobiological risk! 

No blue light. No UV. No infrared. 

The soft and calming gentle glow is perfect for settling children into a restful night of sleep and reassures them when they wake in the night. 


 "I used to tell my three year old daughter Eliza stories about a beautiful sleep fairy visiting her at night to give her good dreams! I wanted to create something that would help make bedtime special for her"

 - Laura Burbery, founder